It’s easy when times are chaotic and filled with concern, to reign in your attention in such a focused way that it resembles a huddle, tuning out others around you. Expanding protective energy around your loved ones is a good thing, don’t get me wrong but I ask you to expand your view of family and to develop deeper relationships with your community. It’s certainly not a new concept to consider us one race, the human race, but by gaining deeper connections we grow in understanding and empathy, and in doing so we affect each other, hopefully, in more loving and supported ways. 

For many years now our society has become increasingly more isolated. Studies suggest that we are living in a time when people, more so than ever before, report feeling deep levels of loneliness and despair. Even people surrounded by loved ones report loneliness and feeling disconnected. The great Carl Jung describes this as such, “Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.”  There is a lot of research about the factors that play into this disconnect including society placing higher value on independence while shaming the idea of having needs. Another theory is that coming into modern times and having electricity, has pulled people off of their front porches (where people used to communicate and interact a great deal with neighbors and even strangers, passers-by) and into the house where temperatures are maintained, watching people on tv instead of interacting with them. Social media, though it offers an opportunity to gain access to a larger number of people, removes depth and connection. One thing is certain, we are a society that needs to regain that depth of connection. In doing so we gain a desire to act with more care and tolerate less atrocities. 

Let now be the time that you reach out beyond your comfort zone, and expand your depth of connection. Yes, check in with your friends and your neighbors, but offer quality conversations. Share stories, hear their weaknesses, and discover their strengths. Connect with them. Brace yourself for this next one…let them hear your voice, call them. (gasp!)  There is so much value in the connection attained via spoken word. Sound has energy and vibration and limiting all of our communication to the written word is part of the problem. Not to get too science-y…we actually absorb sound through Meissner cells found mostly in our ears, face, and chest.  A huge part of connecting with others comes from the shared energy exchange in the process of hearing each other. In times when we can't physically be in each other's space the next least removed is to engage in sharing a conversation audibly.   

Having a more positive relationship with the community starts with getting to know who they are. Expand your idea of family to the human race. Expand your depth of connection. Take this moment while there is already an interruption in the status quo and act in a way that develop's deeper love for mankind.


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