​Who I am....I have always been drawn to the mental health field-specific to psychology and sociology since my childhood and it has been a personal interest of study that expanded into my first level of education and career focus. I have been working with adults in many ways, similar to life coaching since 1998 to include being a crisis counselor through FEMA in disaster events and working with adults who have been diagnosed with developmental disabilities. I grew up in a family that focused on energy being a natural and known basis or blueprint of life and as early as 5 years old I was learning to open to, and channel, energy to affect life and healing. In the 90's I became a Reiki practitioner and a Pranic Energy practitioner and trained in advanced meditation and intuitive studies.

Introductions I went to school for massage therapy immediately following a trip to Egypt in September of 2001. I graduated with honors and became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2002. I began studying Neuromuscular Therapy right out of school and working with a full load of clients early on in my career. I have added many modalities over the 18 years of my career. The most utilized are Swedish Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage. I began to study and then practice Aromatherapy in 2004 and found this to be a hidden gift and love.

The highest integrity

I like to call this being in harmony. Harmony with our truer self... in harmony with the greater good. Everything we do and who we are comes from within. Allowing harmony within body mind spirit, that is freer from pain, stress, and discord. brings more of the same in all areas of our life.

My mission is to help with the betterment of us all one person at a time.  

owner, Rebecca May, LMT

 I was so excited all day. I kept thinking to my self,  'I get to get a massage from Rebecca today', my body is learning how to relax!

                                                                         - Linda B.

Call anytime if you have questions or if I can help in any way! I would love to discuss what your goals are or even to direct you towards another modality that might work best for your path, your highest health is my priority, I'm in it for the love of the work.

I am dedicated to achieving your goals. I utilize well known and respected modalities in the industry, combined with a love of helping others. That passion shows in all that I do! My clients speak of results, the balance between therapeutic and relaxation massage that they have not found elsewhere and true excitement as they approach the day of their appointment.

I love helping people find happiness!

Mission Statement

Infinite Evolution
Holistic Therapies

Florissant, MO

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 ...A standard of customer service that is higher than most. I look forward to serving you.

What brought me into the field...I traveled to Egypt and Machu Picchu in the early 2000s and while in meditation in the Great Pyramid I realized that I needed to become a massage therapist and begin offering Reiki in my career. A came home, changed my job, began school, and a year later I became a licensed Massage Therapist.  Incorporating all of who I am I serve others, practicing to be harmony in action for the betterment of all. Presently I pull from all of these areas to aid clients in attaining balanced health, a health in which the clients' goals are the main focus, be it injury treatment, balancing energy centers, relaxation massage to assist in a client’s peace of mind, increasing range of motion to aid in a golf swing, developing individualized aromatherapy formulas, or pointing a client towards the tools that help move them forward in life.  I rent office space in Old Town Florissant; a quiet, community built on tradition, that continues to grow with the cohesion of a small town. The space is beautiful, calm, serene, and has the warm inviting feeling of peace that only Feng Shui can offer. 

Rebecca May is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Aroma Therapist, Certified Energy Practitioner, Sound Therapy Practitioner with a degree in Applied Science specific to   the mental health field.