"My Family has been seeing Rebecca off and on for a few years. Rebecca is great! She is knowledgeable and creates a very relaxing atmosphere. More than once I've fallen asleep during a massage because I was so relaxed and felt so good. Very affordable prices and Rebecca is flexible on appt times when she can be. Great Place!"

                                              -Erin Callaway

"Rebecca, You are such an angel. Without you my life would not be as satisfying! I appreciate you so much. You have helped me immensely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."        -B.O.

 "Loved the massage, came home and took a two hour nap!"                              -M.W.        

"Dear Rebecca, Thank you so much for your help in my healing over the past few months. Since I saw you last, my jaw is truly feeling better! Thank you for your creativity!"                                 -J.B.

A client seeking Reduction in swelling due to heavy Edema gained a full 1inch reduction in ankles, measured by her doctor after a few months of Lymphatic Drainage Massage. She began 1 hour session every week for 4 session then moved to every other week for 2 more months. This client described feeling coming back into her feet that had become numb and energy in her day to day functioning that had been greatly depleted. Requested that I share and maintain her privacy.

"I have been to many massage therapists and locations over the years, good and bad, but that massage was the best I have ever had, thank you so much."                                         -Chris P

"You are the best! Merry Xmas. Thank you for really caring and for the pain relief that you give me every Visit."                            -Jay

A client who seeks Belavi` services regularly began purchasing the all natural Hydration Cream I use during those services. After having used it for a while she came back in and said that compared to her usual lotions, and made it a point to mentioned that she uses "... the good stuff in the blue bottle", she doesn't have to re apply lotion for a couple of days after having the cream applied to her hands, forearms and feet.

I had a client ask for a spritzer to use during the holidays to help with the usual family fussiness. When my client reported back, she told me that it was amazing results, that she couldn’t remember a time when her Christmas dinner had gone off without fighting. She simply used a synergy of oils I formulated for her... relaxing, calming and euphoric oils, in a diffuser for the whole day to help disperse it into the common areas of the celebration.

"I am so blessed to have found someone who has helped me in so many ways and also lets me know when they see something that doesn't look correct."

                                                  -Joyce B.  

During a massage a client came in with skin irritation and had not been able to get into her MD for 3 weeks. She was miserable. I handed her a recently formulated cream specific for skin irritation and as she was rubbing it in she said that she was experiencing immediate relief, for the first time in weeks since it had started.

"I was so excited all day. I kept thinking to my self,  'I get to get a massage from Rebecca today', my body is learning how to relax!"                                                                                 -Linda B.

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I received a text from a client who had tried one of my more popular products, Hydration Cream for his Eczema as a last resort when his other creams had stopped working. He told me that it had worked better than anything he had used prior, including his prescribed creams. I asked him to do me a favor and try another product that I formulated more specifically for irritated skin and rashes. His response after a couple weeks of using it: "The eczema cream seems to be even better than the hydration cream. 100% effective at clearing the rash and stopping the itching, I only have to apply every 3-4 days as opposed to everyday."

                                                 -Darryl Cheatham

Early on in my schooling process with Aromatherapy we were required to work with clients doing consultations. One of the people I served had presented challenges with attention span and an inability to stay focused while on projects at work. After having used a product I made for mental clarity he reported back that he couldn't believe how helpful it was and wanted to begin keeping it on hand. He said he had not expected to gain those results.

Reviews and Success Stories


"You Know I have had a lot of massage...nothing compares to your massage, I mean it, I feel like a new person."                                  -Judy B.

"I feel like a whole new person. You have an amazing touch. I'm finally getting the results of both types of massage, its a perfect balance."                                     -Karen Spencer