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Belavi `Face Lift Massage

                                                                                    one of the most unique techniques for lifting, firming, and toning the face.

The creator, Belle Tuckerman, has long been considered the leading facial massage specialist. Belavi` combines a unique system of massage therapy including meridian point stimulation and lymphatic drainage strokes.  Together they help to fight gravity, toxins, and stress, the most common aging factors known.

Treatments to the face are considered the most popular body treatment by many because the client experiences the pampering of spa treatments, the relaxation massage therapy brings, and its effectiveness in providing healthy, vibrant facial appearance.

The stimulating massage adds effectiveness to the facial by addressing the muscles tenacity.  As we age muscle tissue begins to lose its tenacity.  Russian Massage, one of the more effective massage techniques, have been medically studied for 60 years and they claim the success of their athletes is due to the stimulating muscle massage they apply during a training regimen. They use rapid strokes to mimic contraction of the muscle tissue.  With repetition this form of massage helps to tone muscle tissue. 

Similarly, Belavi` utilizes firm, invigorating, rapid, strokes to assist in toning the muscle.

The selling factor in receiving Facelift Massage with Rebecca May is the all natural Aroma Therapy products used. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing the products used are non toxic, natural, specially formulated with essential oils, nut butters, and more all essential ingredients for fresh and healthy looking skin!!

Facelift massage provides you with all the ingredients needed to have healthy, clean, and tone, beautiful skin that makes you look and feel younger.  

Belavi` Facelift Massage intended results are best gained with repeat treatments. Belavi` recommends a series of 12 sessions 1 every 1-2 weeks with a follow up maintenance plan of 1 session once a month. Repeating the series once a year will further the results of maintaining

Belavi` can be a great benefit when sought out for an occasional treat as part of your self care taking efforts. 

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