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Aromatherapy; A Brief Overview

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils derived from plants for therapeutic effects, applied through inhalation or topical application. I can’t stress enough how beneficial the use of aromatherapy can be.  Every essential oil has benefits that are far-reaching; assisting the health of many areas of the body.  The use of aromatherapy is always a non-digested application.  This removes many contraindications, side effects, and concerns. Aromatherapy is therapeutic. By definition, it has beneficial effects on diseases or disorders. That calls for an educated, certified individual who looks at health history and knows contraindications. Please use discernment when it comes to the products you use that advertise as being Aromatherapy. Presently there is no regulation on the title Aromatherapy and often products are sold under that name that are actually made with synthetic scents, made from chemicals that have absolutely no therapeutic effects whatsoever and in fact were made specifically to smell good. This is disappointing to many Aromatherapist because the healing properties of herbs are well known in the industry and those who try these misleadingly labeled products, and then don’t experience any therapeutic effects, have no idea that they have been duped and in fact might turn away from Aromatherapy thinking it doesn’t work. I ask you to keep an open mind and either do your research, read the label, check for the true names of the essential oils, or go to a trusted representative of Aromatherapy such as myself. I am an Aromatherapist who has completed The Northwest College for Herbal and Aromatic Studies course, "Cultivating an Aromatic Path to Health and Healing.” I have also been practicing and continuing to study since 2005.  When you are choosing an Aromatherapist don’t be shy about asking them about their education.  The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy has a highly renowned standard of education that quality programs follow in educating Aromatherapists. Put your health in the hands of a qualified individual, or become certified yourself.  A great resource for interested parties is