Common Applications

Aromatherapy is absorbed into the body in several ways. The olfactory system is always one of the ways the microscopic oils enter your body, if you are breathing around them you are absorbing them. Absorption through the skin is the other application. You can create more effective results by choosing the applications specific to the ailment that is presenting. Inhalation gets the quickest results and would be great for sinuses, mental stimulating or calming results. However direct spot application would gain better results for something like treating a bruise, inflammation, or soreness on a specific area.
Spritzer-is a spray bottle with essential oils mixed with a carrier. You can use them around the office to reduce anxiety, increase mental clarity or to help manage attention challenges. The carriers I use are water or a pure grain alcohol. The idea is that it can be sprayed onto another surface that you are interacting with, such as a pillow or blanket for restfulness or a hot cloth for a quick hot compress over the forehead. The pure grain alcohol I often use for room sprays because the alcohol evaporates leaving the oil behind. 

Topical application includes cream, salves, and lotions and are used for very specific areas. This application helps to keep the oils exactly where you put them. Ex. Muscle salve, cream for skin irritation, or lip balm.
Hydrotherapy would include hot compress or soaking in water. In this instance you would drop the oils into the water then soak in or submerge a towel into the water and then applying it to an area of the body. This is a great application when the heat is also helpful for inflammation, or for bringing about relaxation in a hot bath ritual. A individualized formula might be developed for someone who needs to soak after a hard day, needs to effect skin irritation and wants to get a deep level of meditation. All three presenting needs can be addressed with a formula designed as a result of a consultation.
Steamis a form of hydrotherapy and is specific for inhalation via olfactory pathways.  However utilizing it with steam helps to bring in into your senses more quickly and thoroughly, again while gaining the benefits of heat. This is especially effective as you can imagine for sinus issues, for respiratory relief and similar like challenges. Often times a quick few inhalations of a headache remedy does the job if you are unable to stop and apply the formulation in another way.


The effects of these plant properties have long been studied and the chemical constituents prove to be very effective. The following list includes terms used when describing the common effects agents have and specific to the oils I choose to work with. This information was taken right out of The Complete Guide To Aromatherapy by Salvatore Battaglia who devoted his life to the study. The list is to give a broad view of the ways in which aromatherapy can be utilized.

  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Analgesic (an agent that reduces pain)
  • Expectorants
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-spasmodic (reduces spasm)
  • Anti-microbial (an agent that resists or destroys pathogens)
  • Anti-pruritic (relieves itching)
  • Antiseptic (an agent that destroys or controls pathogenic bacteria)
  • Astringent (tightens and contracts tissues)
  • Cephalic (an agent that is stimulating and clears the mind)
  • Cytophylactic (and agent that encourages growth of the skin cells)
  • Decongestant
  • Emollient (and agent used externally to soften and make smooth)
  • Calmative or relaxant (calming to the Central Nervous System) 
  • The list goes on and on.

Brief overview

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils derived from plants for therapeutic effects, applied through inhalation or topical application. I can’t stress enough how beneficial the use of aromatherapy can be.  Every essential oil has benefits that are far reaching; assisting the health of many areas of the body.  The use of aromatherapy is always a non-digested application.  This removes many contraindications, side effects and concerns. Aromatherapy is therapeutic. By definition, it has beneficial effects on disease or disorders. That calls for an educated, certified individual who looks at health history and knows contraindications. Please use discernment when it comes to the products you use that advertise as being Aromatherapy. Presently there is no regulation on the tittle Aroma Therapy and often products are sold under that name that are actually made with synthetic scents, made from chemicals that have absolutely no therapeutic effects what so ever and in fact were made specifically to smell good. This is disappointing to many Aromatherapist because the healing properties of herbs are well known in the industry and those who try these misleadingly labeled products, and then don’t experience any therapeutic effects, have no idea that they have been duped and in fact might turn away from Aroma Therapy thinking it doesn’t work. I ask you to keep an open mind and either do your research, read the label, checking for the true names of the essential oils or go to a trusted representative of Aromatherapy such as myself. I am an Aroma Therapist who has completed The Northwest College for Herbal and Aromatic Studies course, "Cultivating as Aromatic Path to Health and Healing.” I have also been practicing and continuing to study since 2005.  When you are choosing an Aromatherapist don’t be shy about asking them about there education.  The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy has a highly renowned standard of education that quality programs follow in educating Aromatherapists. Put your health in the hands of a qualified individual, or become certified yourself.  A great resource for interested parties is

Ailments for which to seek Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has great benefits for dealing with moods. Anxiety is an increasingly common complaint today.  Many of us struggle to manage anxiety, lethargy, sleeplessness, sadness, and much more. An essential oil with calming effects blended into a lotion for topical use or even diffused into a room can help allow us to regain a since of relaxation and ability to be functional that otherwise would not be possible.  This can reduce stress and anxieties, help have manageability over stress, and in the long run help with a happier since of self. Aromatherapy can help manage sleeplessness, or help with calming a nervous energy with proper oils selection. There are essential oils that can help with depression, mood swings, menopausal symptoms, as well as physical symptoms such as digestive problems, combating viruses and bacterial infections, painful periods, eczema and psoriasis, acne, and neuralgia to mention only a few.  

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3 Ways I offer Aromatherapy
Consultations: In a consultation you and I will discuss your goals, yours challenges, and your health history. Gaining this information allows me to then spend some time to formulate a product that will work best for you. I will then create that product for you specifically…It may be something to use with a hot pack for cramps or in a steam for sinus problems, a facial cleanser for acne, or even in a spritzer to spray on a pillow to help one sleep. The first formulation is covered in the consultation. All additional reorders will be priced based on the cost of the formulation that was developed for you.  Consultations are a flat rate of $50 and include a print out of information for you to take home and refer to.  

Off the Shelf products I have several lines of products that were formulated to help with the general public and are specific to common challenges. All my current formulations help with the body’s natural ability to heal and restore. Some of my most popular products include muscle salves, moisturizing face/body creams, creams to address skin irritations, even spritzers to help with restful sleep or mental alertness. I also have a line of product that supports the spiritual side of life, oils that help with a deeper meditation, and spritzers that help with purifying a room. A menu of Off the Shelf Products is currently in the making.  

Add-On treatments- Experience a select few aroma therapy applications as an add on treatment to any service I offer in office. They include hand, feet, hair treatments or even an aromatic treatment for specific mood enhancers. Many feel like this steps up their experience and allows an affordable way to treat themselves during their in office treatments. Add-On’s can be chosen at the last minute, most of the time, to give a little boost to your day. Though if you are certain you want an Add-On treatment ahead of time, calling ahead to ensure product is stocked would be a good idea. See my Menu of Services for thorough descriptions and pricing.

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