Eczema is a type of dermatitis, whose inflammation accompanies scaling, flaking, sometimes weeping, and crusting skin sores that often itches terribly (1) and is painful with burning. (2) The cause is often allergenic and the location of the lesions can indicate the cause.  Lesions on the scalp indicate shampoos, or hair products, on the hands indicate lotions or chemicals from work, and lesions on the face would indicate face products. (2)  Some additional underlying problems can be “Hypochlorhydria (low levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach) and a condition called ‘leaky gut syndrome’ in which the intestines become porous and allow tiny partials of undigested food to enter the bloodstream, provoking allergic reactions.” (1) Candidiasis is an overgrowth of yeast in the system and has been known to cause eczema. 

Triggers can be weather-related (overexposure to the sun, cold or hot temps, etc) (2), stresses on either the mental-emotional level or stresses on the physical body such as a cold. (1) Eczema may begin being provoked by a few substances but may develop a hypersensitivity to many substances. (2)   The use of antipruritics will reduce the sensation of itching and in turn will reduce the degree of physical trauma caused by scratching.  Anti-inflammatory and Vulnerary properties will help with the healing of the skin lesions. An astringent will reduce any weeping or oozing. Often eczema is seen as an attempt for the body to eliminate accumulated toxins through the skin.  Using oils that help with the elimination of toxins assists in the management of breakouts. If an infection is present, an anti-microbial is necessary.  (2)  

It is important to manage eczema both externally and internally. Omega 3 increases the eicosapentaenoic fatty acid level known to reduce the incidence of eczema.  Dairy and gluten are often an underlying cause of eczema due to allergies and avoiding them is a great way to control most eczema conditions. (2)  

Eczeliminator utilizes a combination of essential oils, infused oils, and nut butters to control eczema externally by reducing the outbreaks and relieving the lesions rapidly. I formulated it to address externally all the symptoms listed above making it a very powerful tool.  

The cream base includes Shea butter, coconut oil, calendula oil, Jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, and aloe gel.   German chamomile has been used since antiquity for both digestive issues and skin issues.  Its anti-inflammatory effects help to reduce skin inflammations and it is classified as an anti-allergenic helping to reduce the symptoms of allergies. It is one of the gentlest oils and is used for sensitive skin problems. It is a vulnerary so it prevents tissue degeneration and promotes the healing of wounds.  It is also a sedative, helping with reducing stress, which is a major cause of eczema flare-ups.   Geranium was used by the Romans for its fragrant leaves and the plants' medicinal agents.  Today you will see it used in a lot of cosmetics for the fragrance also. The antipruritic agent reduces and controls itching. It is cytophalactic promoting cell regeneration and is also a vulnerary and was chosen for preventing the degeneration of skin and aiding in healing. It is an excellent astringent therefore used with acne and other facial products.  Finally but more importantly it has an excellent ability to balance the sebum (oils secreted from the sebaceous glands) making it valuable for dry, oily, or combination skin.

I chose lavender for the combined effects it has on the skin and nervous system. Lavender reduces inflammation because it is an antiphlogistic.  The antipruritic agents reduce and control itching.  It is also cytophalactic and is known to reduce stress by assisting our responses to unproductive stress while not interfering with productive stress (a normal part of life). The antimicrobial properties help with possible infection.   Carrot seed is highly regarded for its hepatic agents. It supports the liver cells; the depurative agent helps to purify the blood, and the diuretic agent helps to eliminate toxins.  This combination of agents in one essential oil makes it a fantastic tool for detoxification.  It is described as one of the strongest revitalizing essential oils making it a great choice to use with skin affected by environmental issues.   

Antipruritic- an agent that relieves the sensation of itching or prevents its occurrence.

Antiphlogistic- an agent that reduces inflammation.

Astringent- an agent that contracts tightens and binds tissue.

Cytophalactic- an agent that promotes cell regeneration.

Depurative- an agent that helps to purify the body, particularly the blood.

Diuretic- an agent that increases the secretion and expulsion of urine.

Hepatic- an agent that stimulates and aids liver function.

Vulnerary-an agent that prevents tissue degeneration and promotes healing of wounds.    

1. Page 319, Prescription for Nutritional Healing third edition. Phyllis A. Balch, cnc, and James F. Balch, MD.

2. Page 466, The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy.  Second edition. Salvatore Battaglia

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