Physical Benefits

Unlike drug therapy, which is often associated with many systemic and long-term side effects, Swedish massage therapy is relatively safe and has few contraindications. It also provides many benefits.
loosening tight muscles and stretching connective tissues

  • relieving cramps and muscle spasms and decreasing muscle fatigue
  • loosening joints and improving range of motion
  • increasing muscle strength
  • calming the nervous system
  • stimulating blood circulation
  • firming up muscle and skin tone
  • relieving symptoms of such disorders as asthma, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic and acute pain syndromes, myofascial pain, headache, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction (pain in joints of the jaw),and athletic injuries
  • speeding up healing from injury and illness
  • improving lymphatic drainage of metabolic wastes

Mental benefits

  • mental relaxation
  • improvement in length and quality of sleep
  • relief of stress, depression, anxiety, and irritation
  • increased ability to concentrate
  • improved sense of well-being

Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage Therapy is the most commonly utilized type of massage therapy in the USA. It is the type of massage therapy taught in the majority of Massage Schools in the United States. Your Massage Therapist will usually use hands, forearms, or elbows to manipulate layers of muscles to improve mental and physical health. Active or passive movement of the joints may also be part of the massage. You will experience gliding rhythmic strokes to help with relaxation, along with kneading like strokes to help lift and loosen the tissue, the combination works well for calming the nervous system, gaining the relaxation that Swedish Massage is known for. See listed to the right some the most common known benefits as described by

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